The Early Years (1925-1942)

Ray could barely hold still long enough for a photograph A young Ray is fifth from the right in the front row We think Ray is the third child from the right on the far side of the table Unknown birthday (11 or 12?) with cake and puppy Ray was a handsome young man!

World War II (1942-1945)

Navy Enlistment Photograph Ray served on LST-354, Flotilla 5

Post-War (1945-1968)

Ray, his mother, and (probably) his sister at a World War I monument Ray (center) with his mother Thelma (dark dress), his brother Jess (lower left), and the Parker Family Ray and his niece, Susie San Jose (unknown date) Hanging from a tree (October 1955) Ray (center) enjoying himself with his brother-in-law Butch (right) and unknown friend Dad (center), Eleanor and Susie with unknown man (July 1956) My father loved his 1956 Thunderbird Snapshot of Ray Ray worked for Garff Trailer Sales Delivering a mobile home in Reno, Nevada Ray often field-built acessories for mobile homes like this stair

Mom and Dad (1968-1977)

Phyllis and Ray (Mom and Dad) November 2, 1974

Growing Up with Dad (1977-2000)

Ray and baby Michael (a few months old) Ray, baby Michael (a few weeks old), sister-in-law Betty, and brother Jess Ray and baby Michael (3 weeks old!) camping in La Pine, Oregon Ray and baby Michael (3 weeks old!) camping in La Pine, Oregon Ray and baby Michael (a few months old) in a cowboy outfit The Guys: Ray, Grandpa Peters, baby Michael, Uncle Leonard Ellars Family Portrait (circa 1982) Ray and Michael after a successful fishing trip Ray and Michael at unknown USC event (October 1996) Ray and Michael at Vagabond Inn near USC at graduation time (May 2000)

The Later Years (2000-2009)

Jess, Thelma (or Mary Lee?), Eleanor, Ray (circa 2005) Ellars-George (Peters) Easter (2007) Ray and Phyllis at a luau in Maui, Hawai`i (2007) Michael, Natalee and Ray at Burbank Day 2009 Dad with Fred (lap) and George (floor) Ellars-George (Peters) family at Jessica's graduation from Oregon State (June 2009) Happy 84th Birthday! (August 2009) Kauai 35th Anniversary Trip: At the Beach Kauai 35th Anniversary Trip: Overlook Afternoon Drinks Kauai 35th Anniversary Trip: Waimea Canyon Kauai 35th Anniversary Trip: Dinner Kauai 35th Anniversary Trip: Phyllis and Ray at South Pacific

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